Shop Local






What are the advantages of Shop Local?


Shop Local is a public awareness campaign that highlights the positive results when consumers and business leaders support area companies. Some of the advantages to thinking local include:
  • More money stays in the community.
    Money spent locally recirculates back into the community helping to fund non-profit and community organizations that serve and help local people.
  • Local jobs are created and sustained.
    Money spent locally increases business productivity and creates a better business climate - resulting in more employment opportunities.
  • The local community and economy are strengthened.
    The cycle of creating and spending wealth locally helps strengthen the economy and broader community.
  • Quality of life is improved.
    Local business owners and their employees contribute financially and volunteer their time to support local organizations and charities, which directly impacts the quality of life for the broader community.
  • Customer service is enhanced.
    When you buy products locally you are doing business and building relationships with people you know, making any future services, repairs or follow-ups simple and convenient.
While convenience and the lowest price may seem ideal to focus on at the time of purchase, it's important to think long term if we truly want to keep our local economy strong and our friends, family and neighbors working.