R U Ready

R U Ready Southwest Alabama

Students in middle and high schools across Southwest Alabama are trying to decide what careers they are best suited for as they work their way through school toward graduation. THEY NEED YOUR HELP! Our students now have an exciting new way to gain understanding about local careers. R U Ready Southwest Alabama is a web based program that allows industries, educators and students to connect like never before.

Through this online program YOU CAN assist students and job seekers by helping them understand YOUR career. We have found that most students who have no idea what jobs exist in the real world nor what it takes to obtain existing jobs. This program is very simple to use and takes only the time that it takes to answer and email or a text message.

• You sign up to be a career coach. (That simply means that you are willing to answer questions asked by students about your career.)
• A student types a question on the R U READY message board about your career.
• You get an email letting you know that you have a question.
• You sign in, see the question, and answer the question. YOU ARE DONE.

A quick and easy way to help students understand careers from the people who actually have the careers in their field of interest!

The Mobile Area Education Foundation is looking for individuals from all walks of life who are employed or who have ever been employed to join in this effort mentoring the future workforce of Southwest Alabama. The Mobile Area Education Foundation is actively recruiting career coaches from industry and non-industry as volunteers for this program. The commitment for volunteers is less than one half hour per week.

The full roll out for this program was October 10, 2012 for over 100 schools. Because over 70,000 students have access to this tool, the program has incredible potential for industry, educators and workforce development professional to influence the future workforce of Southwest Alabama in ways never before possible!

The Mobile Area Education Foundation urges YOU to sign up at www.maef.net (Look for the R U Ready logo in the middle of the page)