Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival

2014 was the 10th year of the Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival and the South Baldwin Chamber has been proud to sponsor this unique and very special event.  Thousands of people have traveled long distances to attend, families have made lasting memories and many have fulfilled another wish on their bucket list.  It has been a thrill to be a part of something this special and successful. 

However times have changed and the needs of our business community have changed in ten years and so it is with most things; change is inevitable.  

On Monday, August 4 the Board of Directors of the South Baldwin Chamber held a special called meeting for the purpose of discussing the future of the Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival.  The Board of Directors has voted to forgo hosting the Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival for the immediate future. 

There are many reasons for this decision.  The decision was not made in haste or without thoughtful consideration of many factors.  In the final analysis it was a matter of sustainability, risk, profitability and use of resources. The same issues that are probably very similar to the decisions you make in your business.  

The South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce is a business development organization by definition and our mission is to strengthen the business community by offering programs, services and opportunities which provide those results.  As an organization we must stay grounded and focused on our mission.   

We want to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to everyone that had a part in the Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival.  If you attended, sponsored, volunteered or participated as a vendor; thank you for your involvement. 

As you know the South Baldwin Chamber has 70 years of committed business leadership in south Baldwin County. We continue to strive to bring you quality, meaningful programs, events and services that meet your business needs. 

Nothing about that will change.  

Respectfully yours,
Donna Watts