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Partners in Education – What is it?

Posted January 27, 2017    

If you are a chamber member, you have probably read or heard about the South Baldwin Chamber Foundation’s program, Partners in Education. But you may not know what it is. The program is a platform for communication between schools in the Foley High School feeder pattern and chamber members.  

Partners in Education

Our area schools have many needs and we have chamber members who would love to help – if only they knew what was needed. That’s where PIE comes in. Volunteer to read to a child, be a business mentor, sponsor a field trip, make a donation, or choose any of the many possibilities. You can make a difference! 

We know you would love to have a piece of this PIE!  Visit our website and choose a school. As you complete the form, you’ll discover a list of opportunities to choose from. Once submitted, someone from the school will contact you. It’s that simple!

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