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Business, Student Job Connection Initiative Launched In Baldwin County

Posted March 28, 2017    

 Past all the entree’s, salads and desserts at Wolf Bay Lodge, there’s a problem. “We need so much more help.” Charlene Haber owns the restaurant that her parents started so many years ago. “Baldwin County is a year-round–we’re making it a year round attraction–and we need year round help; not seasonal anymore.”

An ever increasing demand for employees remains one of her biggest challenges.

Now a new computer program geared at connecting high school students in Baldwin County with potential employers may answer that challenge.

“This will be the go-to tool that they are going to use to try and find a job in the Foley area or the Baldwin County area,” says Foley High School counselor Barbara Wilkerson. Through the Alabama Career Planning System, businesses and students can connect. A pilot program that began at Foley High School is up and operational now.

“I think it’s really going to make a difference for our students and their future and what they see lies ahead for them,” says South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Donna Watts. For businesses looking to fill all those summer jobs, their next hire could be just a click away.

The program is called “Connect 2 Business” and is a partnership between the chambers of commerce and the school system. You can find more information by clicking on this link:

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