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Meet Sue Alford of Homecare Companions

Posted June 14, 2017    

Note: This blog is part of an ongoing effort to help our members get-to-know their South Baldwin Chamber Board of Directors.

Sue Alford of Homecare Companions believes you should have a passion for any organization in which you invest time.

For six years, she has invested her time as a member of the South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce, serving on the board of directors for the past three. She said being on the board gives her an opportunity to use skills and expertise from her past lives in banking and IT recruiting. I think I have learned some different lessons over the years, she said. I also lived for many years in Atlanta, so I feel having some big city experience helps understand many different ways of life both socioeconomic and cultural.

An extreme extrovert, Sue said she hopes she can be helpful introducing people to others who may become a mentor to them. Always feel free to ask for help at the Chamber so we can get you in touch with your best resources, she said. 

She enjoys that the Chamber gives her an opportunity for networking with people and companies outside her area of expertise.

The Chamber opens doors that I might not be able to walk through on my own, she said. The South Baldwin Chamber, in particular, is very small business oriented and truly helps you and your business meet others who may be able to help you. I would like to say, like any organization, you get more out of it by putting more of yourself into it.

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