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  • The Gateway to Great Customer Service

    Are you looking to help your organization’s customer service excel to a new level? Look no further! Throughout the month of May, the South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce will be putting on customer service training as part of the "Gateway Initiative."  Our aim is to help train and inspire new hires to provide excellent customer service that ultimately value the customer and benefit your organization.

    Why is customer service important?

    Customer service plays an essential role in the success of a business. First, customer service is a valuable asset that can set your organization apart and provide a sustainable competitive advantage. Competition among businesses is always tight, so don’t miss out on establishing a high level of customer service. Next, placing value on your customer will ultimately bring value to your own business. Customers want to feel valued and expect their needs to be met efficiently; consequently, if you can provide incredible service a customer is highly likely to return and continue making purchases. Lastly, in a community like South Baldwin, word-of-mouth is the best form of marketing. Serve your customers at a high level and that customer may recommend your business to others. Free marketing!


    The customer service trainings will take place throughout May. Register here and ensure your spot at one of our trainings. The class will take place at Fortis College in Foley. Chamber members can take the class for free, and it will be $30 per student for non-members. We provide group discounts, and highly encourage you assemble a group of your new hires to participate in the program. Register your group today and take the next step in creating a competitive advantage for you and your business. 

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