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  • AM Connections2018 AM Connections Networking Event

    So you’ve decided 2018 is the year to strengthen your knowledge of and involvement in the community. Good for you! Networking with other professionals in the South Baldwin region may be exactly what you need to ensure success. Your timing is perfect, too, because the South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce is setting up the first of this year’s AM Connections event.

    This popular networking event is based on the concept of speed dating. Fast paced and upbeat, it allows you to shake hands with other successful professionals in the South Baldwin region. And when you interact with people from a wide range of industries, you broaden your network as you continue to advance in your career.

    Why should you invest your time at this event? Consider these reasons:

    1. According to LinkedIn reports, 70 percent of those hired during 2016 got their jobs because of a connection with the company. Consequently, effective networking now may open doors for new opportunities later in your career.
    2. Networking provides you with a broad knowledge of different industries. The connections you make can be a source of industry knowledge that you wouldn’t have otherwise.
    3. It’s fun! Meeting new people in the region can only enrich your experience of living in Southern Alabama. Who knows - a handshake at a networking event could lead to a long-lasting association.


    The AM Connections event is open to all South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce members. To participate this month – Thursday, February 15, from 8:30 until 9:30 a.m. at BB&T Bank in Foley – complete the registration form on our chamber website.


    Register today to take advantage of this opportunity to network yourself toward success.

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