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    The Baldwin County Public School System continues to garner national attention for its tremendous academic strides.
    “We are seeing outstanding academic gains under the leadership of Dean of Academics, Dr. Joyce Woodburn, who I was so excited to bring on board upon my return to Baldwin County Public Schools four years ago. Our school system is back on track academically, and we are seeing a significant return on our investment in academics and a clear commitment to excellence by our teachers, support staff and administrators,” Eddie Tyler, Superintendent said. 

    Under the leadership of Superintendent Tyler and Dr. Woodburn, with solid and passionate support by the Baldwin County Board of Education, the school system has implemented a four-part plan to move the school system forward academically. A significant part of this strategy involves the use of Scantron Analytics, a powerful electronic data analysis tool that helps educators monitor student achievement. Scantron Analytics tracks academic gains and weaknesses for each student, which helps teachers know how to tailor their instruction so that all students can excel academically.
    Scantron has asked Dr. Woodburn to help host a national webinar entitled “Raising Your State Report Card Grade Using Scantron Assessment and Analytics”.  Schools from across the country will be turning their attention to Baldwin County Public Schools and hear first-hand the steps the system is taking to achieve academic success for all students. The Baldwin County Public School System had no failing schools and nearly all schools saw notable gains. 

    “Wow! What an amazing opportunity to push out on a national scale the great things going on in this school system! It’s a tribute to the hard work that our teachers have invested in for the future of our students! Along with our classroom teachers, I am so proud of all our employees for their part in our success. These amazing accomplishments are ONLY possible because of the vision and support of our board members,” Tyler said. 

    The webinar is set for Tuesday, Feb. 26 starting at 10 a.m.

    For more information about Baldwin County Public Schools’ academic gains and its use of Scantron see: https://www.scantron.com/news/baldwin-county-schools-get-good-marks/

    Terry Wilhite
    Director of Communications

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