• Environmental/ Stormwater Technician

    Posted: 12/22/2022

    Spectrum Environmental, Inc. (Spectrum) is seeking to hire a Part-Time Environmental Technician to assist in specific project tasks with Construction/Industrial projects. A technician performs and documents the required tasks, paying particular attention to time sensitive permit requirements.


    • A degree in Environmental Science or related field preferred, but not required;

    • Self-directed and be able to identify properly installed BMPs and communicate verbally and in written forms areas where BMP maintenance and/or modification;

    • Ability to have a technical understanding of general site development and construction methodologies coupled with the desire and ability to work outside;

    • Detail oriented with inspections noting site conditions/issues;

    • Ability to speak with clients on needs or recommendations;

    • When working on industrial assignments, use of proper PPE and safety equipment;

    • Precision and reliability when collecting water samples;

    • Ability to manage multiple projects at one time;

    • Capable of assisting with additional projects as assigned;

    • Proficient with Microsoft Office software including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher.

    Spectrum Environmental Coastal Division
    Kate Keeton

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