• Resident Care Assistant - Haven Memory Care

    Posted: 03/24/2021

    Resident Care Assistant

    Basic Qualifications

    Education/Training: A high school diploma/GED; computer skills required.

    Experience:  One year experience in a healthcare facility is preferred.

    Position Summary:  Must be able to verbally communicate effectively and accurately record events in writing. Must have an understanding of facility functions and the impact on residents. Must have the ability to perform a variety of simple repetitive tasks, some of which may involve unpleasant conditions. An individual must be able to assist residents with ambulation, bathing, dressing, eating, and grooming, and other activities of daily living as needed. Must possess the ability to exhibit patience and tact when dealing with residents, their families and visitors at all times and have a genuine interest in geriatric care. 

    Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

    1.    Escort and/or assists residents to and from resident’s room, dining rooms and resident activities.

    2.     Assists in dressing and undressing residents.

    3.    Assists in bathing residents in tub or shower.

    4.    Combs hair, cleans and cuts resident’s fingernails and toenails, gives mouth care, assists in cleaning teeth and dentures and gives shampoos as needed.

    5.    Assists walking ambulatory residents as needed.

    6.    Responsible for required reports (including resident charts and other computerized reports or records).

    Clinical/Technical Duties and Responsibilities:

    1.    Supervise and monitor patients in regards to patient safety, following applicable patient care policy and procedures.

    2.    Report any noted changes in resident’s condition.

    3.    Properly and accurately document all care given and supplies used.

    4.    May take and record temperature, pulse, blood pressure and respiration rate.

    5.    Ensure compliance with resident medication assistance guidelines outlined in ALF Policy and Procedures.

    Resident Services and Satisfaction:

    1.    Fully understand all aspects of residents’ rights; maintain the comfort, privacy and dignity of each resident in the delivery of services to them. Interact in a manner that promotes the emotional well-being of the resident.

    2.    Respond to patients and family member’s concerns with empathy and communicate with them in a courteous and respectful manner.

    3.    Maintain a professional demeanor and appearance on conformity with dress code standards.

    4.    Answer and refer telephone calls or other inquires to ensure accurate and timely communications are facilitated.

    Professional Development:

    1.    Attend in-service training.

    Physical Work Environment:  Must be able to lift or carry up to 50 pounds occasionally and to exert 20 pounds of force frequently. Physical activity involves sitting, walking, standing, carrying, bending, lifting, crouching, reaching, pushing, pulling, grasping, feeling, talking, hearing and repetitive motions.

    Receipt and Acknowledgement:

    I acknowledge and understand that:

    •    Receipt of the job description does not imply nor create a promise of employment, nor an employment contract of any kind, and that my employment is at-will.

    •    The job description provides a general summary of the position in which I am employed, that the contents of this job description are job requirements and, at this time, I know of no limitations which would prevent me from performing these functions with or without accommodation. I further understand that it is my responsibility to inform my supervisor at any time that I am unable to perform these functions.

    •    Job duties, tasks, work hours and work requirements may be change at any time.

    •    Acceptable job performance includes completion of the job responsibilities as well as compliance with the policies, procedures, rules and regulations.

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