• Maintenance Planner

    Posted: 06/02/2021

    Maintenance Planner- Vulcan Aluminum Mill

    The role of the Maintenance Planner/Scheduler is to optimize expenditures through best practice planning methods that ensure safe, reliable plant operation. The Planner works jointly with procurement to obtain an optimized total cost of materials and services, within specification requirements. The planner is responsible for providing data to support maintenance metrics. The Planners primary responsibility is to review notifications, plan labor and material required to execute the order. Other duties can include scheduling, requisition of materials, maintenance order management and ERP database maintenance. This requires a working knowledge of PLEX and a functional understanding of maintenance craft skills, tools and equipment in the areas of responsibility.

    Minimum Qualifications:
    2 year(s) Prior Planning/Scheduling experience 
    2 Year(s) Use and interpretation of technical specifications and detailed drawings as they apply
    Bachelor's degree in Operations Management Preferred

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
    1. Manages and directs roll grinder and lubricant technicians in the maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment. 
    2. Supervises roll grinder and lubricant employees, which includes, but is not limited to, informing them of work schedules, providing training/skill development opportunities, addressing performance issues and distributing time sheets. 
    3. Supervises the work activities of roll grinder and lubricant personnel, which includes ensuring that they have the knowledge, skills and resources to complete projects assigned. 
    4. Screen all notifications to see that the notification accurately defines the scope of work, meets the criteria for the assigned priority, and is a valid request for work to be performed by maintenance personnel and financed by the applicable maintenance expense budget. The planner creates a maintenance work plan. As needed, the planner secures additional information. 
    5. As required, the planner reviews the cost estimate with the applicable Maintenance Superintendent before proceeding with moving the order to a Waiting on Parts or Ready to Work revision. 
    6. Create detailed job plans via PLEX. Detailed job plans could include: evaluation; manpower estimates by craft or contractor to support best practice scheduling and note any applicable safety regulations/concerns. 
    7. Create a job package for use by the appropriate technicians. The job package would include: technical service data; reference drawings; any additional safety information; any specialty parts or supplies. 
    8. Maintain a planned backlog for assigned jobs via PLEX. 
    9. Maintain planned backlog by priority. Produce or assist in creation of schedules for Mini-Outages. 
    10. Create and maintain PLEX database. This includes data input for functional locations, equipment, bills of material, reusable job plans for repetitive jobs, predictive/preventive   maintenance task list, equipment items and maintenance plans. 
    11. Provide materials, tools, services and equipment through requisitioning, storehouse stock, purchasing cards or rentals (for non-emergency work only). 
    12. Create and maintain Preventive/Predictive Maintenance (PPM) tasks/orders via PLEX to be used in the scheduling process. 
    13. Provide input to the planning/scheduling metrics and provide services to help maintain metric target levels. 
    14. Track and record monthly PM completion percentage, and any work orders that have not been closed in excess of 30 days. 
    15. Communicate with Vulcan maintenance, operations, vendors, manufacturers and contractors; facilitate expedition of materials and services for non-emergency work per planning directives. 
    16. Following execution of the work, certain critical information is recorded for future reference including: correction of any parts related data, identification of the failure code for the work involved, update any reusable job plans as needed, capture of any data specific to the job and included in the PLEX record, close out of the MO. 
    17. Maintain machine specific, part cost historical data for use in future equipment decommission and / or upgrade justification projects. 
    18. Assist the maintenance superintendent in auditing items to verify that the work was completed properly and line with the expected standards. 
    19. Comply with all safety and environmental policies. 
    20. Performs other duties as assigned or needed. 

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