• Pure Life Pharmacy CAN HELP • ALL INSURANCE CONTRACTS are eliminated allowing for “Low Cost of Medicines”


    During this unprecedented and difficult time, we are all working with many challenges and looking for ways to help our community.  Pure Life Pharmacy CAN HELP and is a great resource for many people who would otherwise not be able to afford their medication. 

    We eliminated ALL INSURANCE CONTRACTS which allows us to “Lower the Cost of Medicine.”


    A few Major points about Pure Life Pharmacy:


    • We are a Direct Pay, Discount Pharmacy located in Foley, Alabama offering over 1,000 generic medications for $10 or less per month.  When a 90 day supply is ordered, we give 1 month FREE. (Buy 2 months – 3rd month Free).
    •  All insurance contracts have been eliminated so we do not ask for insurance cards.  (This helps those who are uninsured, those who can't afford their insurance deductibles, those who have high co-pays, and Seniors who get in the Medicare Part D "donut" hole).
    • A prescription from the patient's doctor is ALL that is needed.  
    • Easy to use: our pharmacists can transfer Rx from a patient's current pharmacy for them, or their doctor can E-scribe directly to Pure Life.
    • We can mail out the Rx directly to the patient's home or they can use our convenient drive-thru window.  (We normally have Free home delivery to Mobile and Baldwin counties - but this is not being offered during the COVID-19 crisis).  
    • We can mail out to any County in Alabama or Florida.  


    We are members of several Baldwin County Chambers and have partnered this past year with many businesses, organizations, hospitals, physician practices, and non-profit groups.  We want to serve the community! 


    We are a very unique pharmacy.  Please visit our Website at www.PureLifeRx.com and our Facebook page and check out the great videos of what we are already doing and how well received our services have been!


    Donna W. Shamp

    Director of Business Development

    Pure Life Pharmacy

    1518 N. McKenzie St.

    Suite 412

    Foley, AL  36535
    Cell:  251-605-9015

    Main:  251-424-1544





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