• The Survey Results are Here! Foley Main Street shares survey results of consumers & resident

    The Survey Results are Here!

    Foley Main Street survey of consumers & residents results - do they reflect your view?


    Foley Main Street conducted a COVID-19 survey supplied by Main Street America for residents and consumers about their reactions and change of habits concerning supporting businesses.  The Gateway Initiative, a combined effort of the South Baldwin Chamber and the Coastal Alabama Business Chamber, helped get the word out about the survey.  The questions ranged in topics such as: what will make you feel more comfortable going into local businesses, how your shopping habits change during the stay at home order and afterward when you could go into businesses again.  


    The survey results reflect the opinion of a microcosm of consumers around us. The makeup of those who answered: 72% were female; 70% were between the ages of 35-64; 20% were 65 or up; 57% were employed fulltime and, 25% were retired.


    The first question was,  “As the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis proceeds, how long did/will you wait before dining out?” 48.2% answered either: “I dined out as soon as local restaurants reopened," or “I waited a few days after local restaurants reopened to dine out again.”  51% said they would like to see curbside options continue as the recovery from COVID continues.  Many expressed their opinion of wanting to see businesses follow the guidelines as set forth by the state. If restaurant servers were not wearing masks, some respondents would not go back to that restaurant again.  Hand sanitizer was an option many chose that they would like to see local businesses supply for them to use when they first walk in.  


    It was heartening to find that most respondents want to support local businesses. The largest groups chose that during and now after, they would prefer to shop in person and support local merchants. There were thirty-nine comments on this topic. One participant answered, "I shop online only for items or brands I can't buy locally."Another participant suggested: "I think if local retailers could figure out a way to do online shopping, they may be very successful not only because of COVID-19 but because it is the way of the future. Many young people only shop online."  A question was posed: “If local merchants offered their products and services through online shopping, how likely would you shop through local retailer online stores than major national or global online retailers?”. 33.6% of responses answered somewhat likely, and 27.7 % responded very likely to shop through local retailers compared to the big guys.


    Does this sound like you? When you shop now or go into a restaurant or a professional's office – what would make you feel comfortable?   How close do these answers reflect how you feel at this moment in time?  

    You can find the complete results of the survey at  https://foleymainstreet.com/resident-consumer-survey. A prize of  $200.00 in restaurant gift certificates was given to a lucky participant  – Rob Barnas of Island Air, a local business owner himself, was the winner.


    Contact: Darrelyn Dunmore

    Telephone: 251.366.1565

    Email:  foleymainstreet@gmail.com

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/foleymainstreet/

    Rob Barnas, the owner of Island Air, is presented with the prize of $200.00 in downtown Foley restaurant gift certificates by Foley Main Street President Chad Watkins, of WAS Designs.
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