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    Teacher Student Grants

    In keeping with our mission to enrich education, develop leadership, and better our community, the South Baldwin Chamber Foundation gives Student & Teacher Grant awards for programs meeting the critical needs of the nine public and two private schools we serve. These schools include: Foley Elementary, Foley Intermediate, Foley Middle, Foley High, Magnolia School, Swift School, Summerdale School, Elberta Elementary, Elberta High, St. Benedict Catholic, and Snook Christian. Grants are awarded based on the receipt of thoroughly completed applications and the thoughtful deliberation and recommendations of the South Baldwin Chamber Foundation’s Grants Review Committee. More than $275,000 in Student & Teacher Grants has been awarded since 2005.

    The South Baldwin Chamber Foundation endorses 21st Century Learning as a top priority for our schools and community. If you or your students seek funding for a current program or new idea addressing development of the following 21st Century Learning skills, you are encouraged to complete our grant application packet and return it to the Foundation via your school principal, whose signature is required. We also require student endorsement of teacher submissions and teacher endorsement of student submissions. Please click here for the 2019 application.

    21st Century Learning

    An integrated, interdisciplinary, project-based approach to developing the following skills:

    • Critical thinking and problem solving
    • Collaboration across networks and leading by influence
    • Agility and adaptability
    • Initiative and entrepreneurialism
    • Effective oral and written communication
    • Accessing and analyzing information
    • Curiosity and imagination

    We also recognize the continued need for a back-to-basics approach and encourage grant applications for any program impacting the learning success of our students. Our overall goal is for every student to graduate prepared for college, career, and success in the global marketplace. Any program or project effectively addressing this goal will be considered for Student & Teacher Grant funding.

    Grant Application Procedures

    • Click here to print application
    • Submit only your original copy of the complete application, including required signatures.
    • Submit both the Teacher’s Application and Student’s Application forms.
    • Keep responses brief and to the point for each reviewer’s ease of understanding.
    • Do not staple. Please bind the original copy of the complete application with a paper clip.
    • Submit your completed application packet to your school principal, who will sign and submit it.

    Grant Application Tips

    • Collaborate with students and other teachers who share similar ideas.
    • Carefully review your grant application for completeness.
    • Provide explanation or avoid use of terms only educators understand.
    • Review and consider submitting grant applications previously declined.

    APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 23, 2018 

    For more information, contact Gale Croft at (251) 943-5520 or executivedirector@sbchamberfoundation.org.




  • Project ACEd

    Through Project ACEd, the Foundation increases opportunities for education in a multi-faceted approach. The tenets of our programs are educational opportunities, in and out of the traditional school setting, that are provided in combination with civic engagement and relationship building. Project ACEd consists of three programs designed to integrate students into a secondary educational setting, provide opportunities to engage in the community, learn about free enterprise and build a business from the ground up: Bridges to Success, Junior Ambassadors and Young Entrepreneurs Academy. While the programs are individual initiatives designed to provide healthy adult and peer connections, increase opportunity, and provide workforce development, the Foundation pools private resources to fund and execute the programs collectively.

    Each program provides opportunity for mentorship through healthy adult and peer connections, increases academic achievement and graduation rates, and increases community awareness and civic engagement. Through these programs, we are able to provide students the enrichment experiences they need to realize that upward mobility is possible and they can increase their economic stability. Project ACEd is designed to give students the enrichment experiences they need to realize that upward mobility is possible and they can increase their economic stability. This project gives hope to the next generation and makes Baldwin County a better place to live and work.


  • Bridges to Success

    Bridges to Success is designed to support rising 7th and 9th grade students as they transition into a new learning environment. The program consists of a one day long orientation at the beginning of each academic year, coupled with designated peer helpers and counselors for one on one mentorship from August-May. As a result, the students have a greater sense of stability and security, attendance and academic performance increase, discipline referrals decrease and students are more at ease in both academic and social settings.


  • Junior Ambassadors

    Junior Ambassadors (JA) is a youth leadership program tailored to assist high school juniors in identifying personal leadership potential through exposure to economic development opportunities, government awareness, environmental stewardship and civic engagement through community service.

    By connecting with local business leaders, lawmakers, governmental agencies and the exploration of local industry, the JA program builds healthy adult relationships, challenges thinking, and promotes charitable giving by giving participants the opportunity to experience the value of community development hands on. Students broaden their understanding of state government by traveling to Montgomery each spring to tour the capitol, meet with lawmakers, and watch their government in action. Junior Ambassadors connect with local business leaders, explore dynamic companies, practice real-life problem solving, and learn the value of community involvement. Since 1998, more than 274 students have completed the program.


  • Young Entrepreneurs Academy

    Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) is a 30 week program where participants begin as students and finish as CEO of their very own business! First introduced in South Baldwin in 2012 with the support and involvement of local businesses and professionals serving as sponsors, mentors, guest speakers, vendors, and investors, The South Baldwin Chamber Foundation was the premier Chapter in Alabama. Students are taught to recognize the power of their ideas, and to turn those ideas into meaningful enterprises. The Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) is a groundbreaking program that takes students through the process of starting and running real businesses over the course of an academic year.  At program completion, graduates own and operate fully formed and functioning businesses.  
    From brain storming ideas, to writing business plans, to marketing the product or service, students learn about free enterprise and the effect of small business on the community. Students are paired with adult mentors who are prominent business leaders in the area for guidance throughout the process. Positive adult influences assist in mentoring students one on one to help them prepare for the workforce. Through the CEO roundtable where advice is offered to the students from top executives in the area, to the Investor Panel where students are awarded start-up money by community investors based on the merit of their ideas and business plans, to personal mentors who provide business and marketing advice, YEA! produces quality employees and business owners who are engaged in the community. 
  • Applications are now being accepted for the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!)

    Apply now! - View the YEA! brochure - See YEA! Success Stories


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  • Events That Combine Food, Fun & Philanthropy

  • BBQ & Blues Cook-Off - March 17, 2018

    Always the 3rd Saturday in March

    An Alabama Barbecue Association Trail event, the barbecue cook-off attracts both corporate and individual teams competing for bragging rights in several award categories. All proceeds support the Chamber Foundation. 

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  • Night Glow Golf Tournament - November 9, 2018

    Love to golf? Want to support education in your community?

    Come out to Glenlakes Golf Course on November 9th to support South Baldwin Chamber Foundation!

    This four person scramble begins with nine holes in the late afternoon and ends with nine holes at night!

    This adult only event is one you will not want to miss!  

    For more information, contact Kylee Raulerson, Event Operations Manager by calling 251-943-3291.

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