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    The South Baldwin Chamber Foundation and Baldwin County Education Coalition have joined forces to bring Partners in Education to the South Baldwin community. Members of the Chamber have long been contributors of time, talent and treasure; the struggle is communication!

    What do schools need and businesses have to offer?


    There are so many ways to get involved. We've created a platform that allows members to view school needs and choose how to they would like to contribute. Information is compiled and forwarded to each school and a representative will contact you. Choose from volunteer opportunities, in-kind contributions, or information regarding fundraising or donations. Click on the school logos below to see the opportunities available.

    Think of the Possibilities

    • Make a lasting impression! Spend a much-anticipated hour each week reading with a grateful young friend.
    • Share your career story with a class of curious 4th graders.
    • Enlighten some middle schoolers about enduring business principles.
    • Lend financial or in-kind support to expand teacher training opportunities.
    • Ramp up the relevance for high school students – through job shadowing, internships and curriculum alignment that tracks with career in high demands.
    • Be a mentor, a cheerleader and an advocate for a child in need of a caring adult role model.
    • Pitch in to sponsor a student contest, a field trip scholarship or a parent engagement event. Become known for your special project!

    Click on a school link below to see the opportunities to get involved with each school.


    Partners in Education is a nationally validated program connecting students, teachers and administrators with business, government, volunteer and civic leaders. The program is an effective method for engaging citizens in the teaching and learning process, increasing public awareness about education issues and fostering ownership for school and student success. A partnership is official when both sides make a declaration of their intent to work together for the school year. The key elements to success are effective communication and planning, and a sincere commitment to enhancing student achievement.

    Partnerships require a culture that reinforces community involvement recognizing that it creates a win/win for the student, school, business, and the community.

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