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    Extraction Pros, LLC


    Insulation removal, installation, attic/crawl space treatment, and encapsulation

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    Extraction Pros specializes in extracting insulation and restoring attics and crawlspaces in Baldwin and Mobile Counties and the Pensacola Area.

    Why would you want to remove your insulation? There are a few reasons:

    1) If your attic has/had a pest problem. Rodents spread feces throughout the attic space. Leaving the feces in your attic is toxic and will get into the air flow of the house. Some of the most pernicious pests are raccoons, bats, opossums and rats.

    2) If your attic had water intrusion from a hurricane. Wet insulation does not dry out in the attic space. It will create mold and possibly contribute to water damage on your ceilings.

    3) If your attic suffered fire damage. Smoke penetrates the insulation and the smell will not dissipate over time. The insulation needs to be removed. Also, when the fire department sprays water into the house to put out the fire, the insulation will retain the water.

    4) If your house has spray foam insulation problems. Spray foam can hide water intrusion and in a few cases will be installed incorrectly. We can remove the spray foam and vacuum it away.

    5) If your crawl space or insulation under the house is damaged. We can remove that insulation. Gravity often causes insulation to fall out of the joists. This damaged insulation needs to be removed.

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