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    Apprenticeship Signing Day POSTPONED: Our sights are now set for a Fall 2020 event. We will pick back up when this threat has passed and the time is right!  Applicants may continue to send their information and questions to terri@southbaldwinchamber.com. Stay healthy and stay safe!


  • WKRG | Signing Day

  • The Gateway Initiative has partnered with Baldwin County Schools to announce a new Youth Apprenticeship program beginning in the summer of 2019.  This program is available for students ages 16-18 and will allow them to partner with local businesses in hospitality and tourism.

    Twenty-four businesses—and counting—have signed up to participate in this program and will offer students paid apprenticeships working in Hotel & Resorts, Restaurants, Vacation Rental, Attractions and Events, and Golf Resorts.

    For Parents & Students:  

    For Employers:  
    • If you would like to join the businesses already sponsoring youth apprenticeships in Baldwin County’s hospitality and tourism industry, contact Ed Bushaw, 251-943-1065 or ed@southbaldwinchamber.com.  Please understand—your only commitment is to offer these students an opportunity for a 1,000 hrs (minimum) work experience and work with the Chamber and the schools to document hours.  There is no contractual obligation between the student, the school or the employer. Participants must be a member in good standing with the South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce.

    Here are some of the participating businesses that have signed up:

    • A&R Hospitality
    • Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo
    • Battlehouse Hotel
    • Cosmos Restaurant Group
    • Ed's Seafood Shed
    • Gulf State Park Lodge
    • Hangout Hospitality Group
    • Honours Golf
    • Kiva Dunes Golf Club
    • Meyer Vacation Rentals
    • OWA
    • P.S. Taco
    • Panini Pete's
    • Perdido Beach Resort
    • Riverview Hotel
    • Rock-n-Roll Sushi
    • Spectrum Resorts
    • Sunset Point Restaurant
    • The Grand Hotel
    • The Riverview Hotel
    • The Wharf
    • Wolf Bay Restaurants