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  • FOLEY – “We have lots of exciting things to talk about, lots of exciting things to share with you today,” said South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce Vice President of Investor Relations and Business Growth & Retention Travis Valentine, thus kicking off the Chamber’s new Gateway Initiative during an event held on Feb. 8 at the Groovy Goat at OWA.

    The Gateway Initiative is the Chamber’s new 5-year initiative to help the community’s workforce, education, and local businesses, and to forge strong bonds and partnerships between other chambers and municipalities. For the past few months, the Chamber members have been meeting with local business leaders to help raise money to fund the project in the hopes to raise enough to help push the area forward.

    “It’s going to be so wonderful for our community,” said Chamber Chairman of the Board of Directors Sue Alford. “For big businesses, small businesses, middle-of-the-road businesses, whatever size you are. I’ve already signed up, I hope all of you do too.”

    President and CEO of the South Baldwin Chamber Donna Watts has been putting the new campaign together for years. The reason behind the program is the recent growth witnessed by the South Baldwin area over the last five or six years, and will help create both local and regional partnerships with chambers, municipalities, and regional community and economic development organizations.

    “With growth comes great opportunity, but it also brings challenges to all of us,” said Campaign Chair Tommy Lee. “Many of those challenges are big, and they must be addressed with long-term strategies and driven by strong community support.”

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